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Fiddle Yard Cassettes

These provide a quick and safe way of transferring rolling stock - a single loco, or a complete trrain - from the main layout to the "fiddle yard".

The cassettes plug into a special locating block, attached to the baseboard outlet track. This block ensures accurate alignment of the track with the cassette, and provides electrical continuity by means of a brass plug and socket system.

In use, the stock is simply run onto the cassette, which is then un-plugged from the layout in order to be transferred to a storage area, for example.

With several cassettes in use, a variety of stock formations may be introduced onto the layout.

The main advantage of the cassette system is that the handling delicate items of rolling stock is avoided. For added safety during handling, a "gate" is provided at each end of the cassette to prevent vehicles from rolling off.

Available inr 32mm gauge only, at present.


Loco-length cassette

Photo shows shallow-sided 550mm version of cassette, having adjustable gates which can be moved to suit locos of varying length, and are automatically locked in position as the vehicle pushes against them.

Carrying handles, when fitted, enable the cassette to be lifted safely.

Code FYC550

           FYC550H (with handles)

Locating block

Fitted at the edge of the baseboard, where the exit tracks occur, this provides accurate alignment of the track with the cassette. The rails are located in grooves, machined in the top surface of the block, and electrical continuity is achieved by wiring each rail to the brass pin and socket.



Connecting the cassette to the layout baseboard

In use, the cassette is simply plugged into the locating block, as shown in this model, and the rolling stock driven on or off the layout.

The level of the fiddle-yard needs to be lower than the level of the main layout baseboards. The actual dimension will depend on the type of trackwork used, and whether or  not ballast strip is employed.Typically, the difference in height is 15mm.

Photo shows the deep-sided version used for longer length cassettes.

 Cassette Storage Unit

 A convenient and safe way to store rolling stock.

 Capacity: 12 loco-length cassettes.

 Overall dimensions:

  440mm wide x 480mm high x 640mm  deep.

 Made from 6mm Birch ply, with machine-cut slot & tab

 construction. Supplied as a flat-pack - just add glue.

 Code CSU12

FYC550 Loco-length cassette. Capacity 525mm. Includes 2 gates and 1 locating block. Overall length 550mm £58.20
FYC550H As above, but with 2 carrying handles. £64.20
FYC1000 Medium length cassette. Capacity 975mm. Includes 2 gates and 1 locating block. Overall length 1000mm. £67.20

As above, but with 2 carrying handles.

FYC1500 Full length cassette. Capacity 1475mm. Includes 2 gates and 1 locating block. Overall length 1500mm. £79.20
FYC1500H As above, but with 2 carrying handles. £85.20
FYCH Pair of carrying handles, complete with insulated fixing screws & washers. £7.00
FYCLB Additional baseboard locating block. £12.40
CSU12 12-way Cassette Storage Unit £110.50







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